Exploring- Sawgrass Recreation Park & Air Boat Tours

One of the things that ITS Travel was excited to experience this vacation was the Florida Everglades. This being something you only ever hear about in Michigan, it was exciting to finally get our eyes on these magnificent wetlands. We were in one of the deepest parts of the Florida Everglades with the water depths being as deep as 14 feet at the measuring point. These are not just simple puddles with some grass, these are true wetlands. The best part about the wetlands? You can ride an airboat for an hour long tour during the day or the night!

From the Sawgrass Recreational Park Website:

“Climb aboard for an Everglades airboat ride and go on an adventure in the Florida Everglades just outside of Ft. Lauderdale. Your airboat ride is guided by one of our highly-trained, experienced captains, who takes you on a thrilling ride. During your Everglades airboat tour, listen to fun facts about this impressive ecosystem while you take in the exciting sights.

You may even catch a glimpse of the wildlife as you skim across the glassy water on your adventure. Keep your eyes peeled as you cruise through the unbridled wild beauty of the Florida Everglades. Feel free to let your spirit soar as you view nature at its finest on our Fort Lauderdale everglades tour!”

ITS Travel Services was excited to hop on board one of these airboats. The boat was comfortable and not overcrowded. When you arrive at the site, there is plenty of parking available. While you are waiting for your boat to board, there is an amazing gift shop with wonderful collectables as well as drinks and snacks that you are allowed to take on the ride with you. As you enter the dock, the amazing friendly staff will take your groups picture. Not a whole boat pictures like a lot of places, but only your group members. You enter the boat and meet your Captain and you float away into the water. Eventually the fans fire and you are off to explore and look for all the creatures of the everglades. Finally, upon arrival back, the fans shut down and you float ever so softly back into the dock.

Now that your off the boat, there is so much more to explore. The Sawgrass Recreational Park includes access to their animal exhibit. Most of them are either born in captivity or rescue animals. None of them were caught from the everglades for the purpose of display.

If you are hungry on your way out, there is a food truck waiting to feed all of the hungry guests. While ITS Travel didn’t stop at this food truck, the area was very busy with other guests ordering and enjoying their food.


Take a look at some of the pictures and even a few videos of the adventure. When your ready to book your next vacation, give ITS Travel Services a call.

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