What is The Test Kitchen? Is this an experiment?

An experience like we have never seen before on a cruise ship. The Test Kitchen of course! Not very often do you go to a restaurant that prepares high quality and elevated meal items right in front of you.

Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady houses one of our favorite dining experiences in The Test Kitchen. Upon entering the test kitchen, you are walked through a dining area that is like no other dining area on the ship. You are walking THROUGH the kitchen. That’s right, each dining area sits around a working kitchen or bar area. From the mixology bar to multiple kitchens preparing a variety of the six course meal options, you won’t be left to just talk with those in your party. There is so much to see.

You start off your dining experience understanding one rule about this kitchen, the whole process takes an hour and a half to two hours. It will not be any quicker than that, so plan your shows accordingly. Over the next hour and a half, you will be served six amazing courses. Each course is explained before eating.

Below are pictures from the evening along with a video of the smoked salmon. We highly recommend this experience for yourself!



The smoked Salmon experience

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